Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the key to a constructive and safe internet experience.

It addresses a large number of issues, providing customers and staff with a seamless experience that develops confidence, encouraging more interaction.

Some of the area addressed by IAM are set out below;

Protect Against Data Breaches

2019 one of the works years ever for data breach, to this end, over 4.1 billion records were exposed as part of unauthorised access. Three of the breaches rank among the 10 largest incidents of all time, and the business sector accounted for 85% of exposed records. Eight of these breaches occurred the first and second quarters of the year and exposed 100 million or more records each. This amounted to 3.2 billion records overall.

Much of the pain associated with these breaches could have been avoided by setting the customer data behind a properly configured IAM. Before access was granted to anyone, they would have needed to;

  • Authenticate to the system: Proving who they were, hopefully through the use of "Strong Customer Authentication"
  • Been Authorised: granted an access token carrying permission without which system access would prove impossible.

Secure, Seamless Customer Experience

In the IAM space, this means facilitating user onboarding and logins from any channel anywhere — and keeping the supporting processes as smooth and simple as possible, free of stepped-up authentication and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) where possible.

Collaborate with Partners

When working with partners, it is often necessary to share data and documents. Frequently, this becomes a significant issue. Governance rules are challenged, and risks are taken to achieve project objectives.

Working with partner should be easy and when facilitated through a properly implemented IAM it is!

By simply defining some limited access groups and enabling the partner as an Identity Provider (IDP), this can quickly and simply be achieved, allowing all appropriate parties to share files and data as required.

Enable a Mobile Workforce

More than ever before, staff wish to work remotely, either because of their role or for convenience. Added to this, there is an ever-growing trend for people to use their own devices to interact with the corporate environment. The implication of this is that interaction between users and the corporate environment need to be even more closely secured and monitored.

IAM provides the means to ensure the person trying to connect to the environment is who they claim to be. As important is this can be achieved in a seamless manner.

Reduce IT Friction

Nearly everyone has by now, been in the situation where they are vexed by the need to enter security credentials, either more frequently than they feel is necessary or when it is not clear that higher levels of security are required.

Both customers and staff can enjoy a better user experience if they are only asked to authenticate at the point of need. Further, the level of authentication should only be sufficient to the risk incurred.

If users go on to require further authentication that can be handled at the appropriate time.

How we can help

In order for clients, partners or staff to interact with your website, you must first know who they are, that is to say they must be "Authenticated".

Once a user has been authenticated, it is reasonable to grant them access to your web resources.

The choice and implementation of a good IAM is the first step to ensuring that your business is safe.

Today, the best IAM solutions are based on their ability to make intelligent decisions.

Identity drives security and agility in the modern enterprise. With the dissolving enterprise perimeter and the mandate for single-identity customer experiences, intelligent identity is the foundation for increasing the value of digital business initiatives.

We specialise in delivering this rich experience, by;

  • Designing and deliver your entire IAM
  • Provide an up front design at a fixed cost
  • Provide assurance that your current design / implementation is providing the protection you need.
  • Provide a Go-Live assessment to ensure that your organisation is Internet, ready.

Implementing your IAM is an important decision so talk with the specialists,book a free initial phone consultation now.

EA-Optimised Ltd and IAM

At EA-Optimised we are partnered with two of the world leading providers of IAM solutons.