Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture

From our very inception, EA-Optimised has been providing effective and cost-efficient Enterprise and Solution Architectures. Today, we continue the tradition with the design and implementation of high performance architecture for the Cloud.

We realise that a factor slowing Cloud adoption is that customers are reluctant to be locked into a particular provider, and that is why today we offer solutions that are capable of spanning hybrid and multi Cloud platforms ensuring that your organisation is in control and has the greatest possible flexibility.

Contact our Architecture team, and they will help you avoid the pitfalls and lockins that could impact your value proposition.

Working with the Cloud Platform

As a preference we have developed a practice of developing architecture is based around containerisation (Docker) and Kubernetes. This means we are able to port our solutions between any of the major cloud providers with a minimum of difficulty.

Although all of the cloud vendors do provide services that are peculiar to their own implementation, we try to avoid these as they do cause a degree of vendor lockin.

One additional reason that we adopt containerisation as a preferred method of implementation is that solution can easily be scaled using technologies such as Kubernetes.

We are finding the combination of Cloud based architectures delivered through DevOps provides a reliable and potent vehicle for high performance application.

The importance of Infrastructure as Code (IoC)

Infrastructure as code (IoC) has become something of a buzzword. However, we have found that for Cloud architectures to be both successful and repeatable, it is a requirement. This means that all of our environments are "The Same" leaving no room for errors caused by differences in configuration or versioning.

IoC means creating code that describes the architecture bing implemented. By using this technique the architectures can be quickly, reliably and repeatably be deployed.

Here there are many choices to be made, and investing in the correct IoC technology will pay early dividends.