Cloud Vendor Independence

Cloud Vendor Independent

Choice of cloud vendor and the technology stack you choose will impact your businesses dependence on a given cloud vendor.

Clearly, cost is a major consideration in the choice of supplier, however, there are many other factors that can have operational implications.

One approach to is to try and remain cloud vendor independent, implementing a stack that can easily be deployed on any of the major clouds. This can confer many advantages.

  • Freedom from vendor lock-in
  • The ability to cherry-pick the best serves form all of the provider
  • Better cost management
  • The ability to react to market and social disruption

To name but a few.

But achieving Cloud Vendor Independence is not as straight as it might seem. There are rules to follow if you wish to reap these benefits.

The rules of Cloud Vendor Independence

  • Do not use vendor-specific services unless you are knowingly cherry picking
  • Use external security and Identity and Access Manager
  • Build you services using containers
  • Run the Containers using Kubernetes
  • Deploy all solutions using infrastructure as code

By following all of these rules it will become possible to deploy your solutions to the cloud of you choice within minutes.